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Cyber Security Services

We offer Cybersecurity Consulting & Assessments

  • Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises
  • Corporate Cybersecurity Policy Creation & Review
  • NIST-CSF Report
  • Ransomware Readiness Assessment (RRA)
  • Merger & Acquisitions Security Assessment (MASA)
  • SIEM Assessment Gap Analysis (SAGA)
  • Capture-The-Flag Exercise – Purple Team (CTF)
  • Red Team Assessment (RTA)

Cloud Services

We provide solutions in the Public and Private Cloud tailored to the Enterprise needs, regulations and requirements.

We configure, operate and manage Customer’s backup software and hardware in accordance with Customer’s instructions. This service is limited to the following functions:

  • Backup frequency, Execution and restoration
  • Implementation of Customer’s retention policy
  • Tape pool
  • Backup agents

We configure, operate and manage Customer’s cloud infrastructure. This service is only available for the following cloud services:

  • Telefonica Virtual Data Center (VDC)
  • Telefonica Open Cloud
  • Private Clouds over Vmware
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure

We configure, operate and manage changes in Customer’s storage equipment (ex. SAN switches). This service is limited to the following functions:

  • Manage disk allocation, disk expansion
  • NAS volume
  • SAN configuration
  • Clone
  • Monitoring and reporting

We configure, operate, and manage Customer’s network equipment (ex., routers, switches, and load balancing equipment).  This service is limited to the:

  • Installation, configuration, and management of Customer’s equipment
  • Set up of Customer’s security policies (Equipment Hardening)
  • OS software patch maintenance in accordance with best practices IT policies
  • Monitoring agent installation and configuration

Intelligent Data Center Services

The Colocation or housing service is suitable if you have your own technological platform, we offer our advanced and safe facilities, enjoying high quality services and connectivity.

  • More than 4,300 m² of IT rooms
  • Solid Operations services with SLA
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Based on TIER III Data Center rooms
  • Hybrid connections with Private and Public Clouds

Consulting Services

The future belongs to data-driven business models.

We are your guide from where you are today to what’s next in your digital journey.

Hire our services to unify, combine and enrich your data to achieve predictable and resilient operations from the periphery to the core.

Our goal is to help in decision making, thanks to data management and analysis.


We work with structured and unstructured data to transform it into monetizable and productive information. We deliver the data through interactive analysis, reports, and data visualizations, allowing you to modernize and design new services according to the identified needs.

We comply with all regulations by having mechanisms that ensure the privacy and ethics of the information.

Infrastructure Services

We help you migrate to new storage technology faster and with fewer disruptions to accelerate your time and maximize value.


We have a holistic view of traditional and emerging cloud technologies that enable us to simplify your business operations so you can access data faster, no matter where it is. Our infrastructure is scalable, secure, and low-cost.

Achieve faster ROI by simplifying and optimizing converged and hyper-converged deployments.

Drive business value through remote infrastructure, customized enterprise application management, and management services.

Customer Support Services

Prevent problems before they emerge and disrupt your business. Protect your investment and keep your business running at peak performance.

If your storage system has reached the end of its shelf life and you need more time for system migration, we have the solution. This service offers an excellent option to ensure that your storage devices continue to operate in optimal conditions. 

As your single source of support, this allows you to focus on growing your business while achieving operational efficiency of your infrastructure.


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